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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration timings?

The CL has to be at the venue two hours prior to the event and the re-registration desk would open one and half-hour prior to the particular event and would shut half-hour prior to the scheduled event.

How many CLs and ACLs?

Per team, one Contingent Leader and two Assistant Contingent Leaders would be allowed. 

In which events is female participation allowed?

Female participation is allowed in the following events:

Tug of War
Rapid Chess
Neon Table Tennis
Aba Dubi
Kho kho
Ultimate Frisbee
Human Foosball
Indoor Quadrathlon
Minute to Win It
Mega Cross Over

How would you register for a particular event?

For all kind of registration, visit

How does CL point system work?

According to the CL Point System, the events fall into 3 different categories namely, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
• For Participating in these events, you’ll score 80, 50 and 30 CL Points respectively.
• For Qualifying in these events, 160, 100 and 60 CL Points would be awarded respectively.
• If you registered but not participated (NPR), a deduction of 180 CL points for Gold, 120 CL points for Silver and 80 CL points for Bronze would be done.
• If you participated and qualified for the next round but did not show up (NPQ), a deduction of 200 CL points for Gold, 140 CL points for Silver and 100 CL points for Bronze would be done.
• If won an event in the Gold category
1st Podium – 600 CL points
2nd Podium – 500 CL points

If won an event in the Silver category
1st Podium – 400 CL points
2nd Podium – 300 CL points

If won an event in the Bronze category
1st Podium – 200 CL points
2nd Podium – 100 CL points

How many teams can participate per contingent in a particular event?

Two teams would be allowed per contingent in a particular event.

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